Why Choose Us


We never rush a patient to surgery since we feel that as a distinct individual, your desires are unique, as is your hair loss. Therefore we will design a special hair loss treatment plan just for you, based on your sex, age, and type of hair loss in addition to your desire and budget. If after assessing you as a person we feel you need treatment, the next question is medication, surgery or both. If you need medication, which medication can help you? If you need a surgery, we then decide on the coverage area, density and size of grafts. Patients with Male or Female pattern hair loss usually need medications only for 6 months after the procedure


We are the only unit in India using high magnification by all assistants to avoid accidental sacrificing of your precious hair while harvesting, counting, cleaning and placement of your FUE grafts. Since all is done under the best of vision, our transaction rate is one of the lowest in the India.We can selectively harvest grafts in the anagen phase which are in full bloom and will give you an earlier pleasing result which shall last. We have trademarked this technique as the "GOLDEN HARVEST"


Since we all have different hair colour, texture, density, gender, age, hair loss size and location, using only one graft size (single follicular unit) to deal with all factors is not in your best interests. We blend your natural units to provide you the most dense and natural looking results at an affordable price.Seeing is believing! We make you meet our patients who have undergone surgery at our center. In case they are not available, the counselor will show you their photographs and make you speak to them. Our photographs show, in detail, the hair, row by row, as well as the hairline and the unnoticeable scar in the donor area.


Our quality assurance starts with the selection of our NHT technicians. All technicians must have passed the ACC hand-eye co-ordination test and amongst these, only the top five percent are selected to be part of our surgical team. Thereafter these trainees are put through comprehensive and rigorous training programs before actually assisting on a patient. As a principle, we only undertake one or two patients each day to ensure optimum efficiency. At our Clinic, we exclusively perform hair transplantation.


Our surgical team is capable of delivering up to 65 grafts per centimetre squared. We are able to provide our patient quality and personalized attention with just one visit to our office. Most patients do not require another session since there is no limit to the number of grafts that can be safely harvested in a single session.


The ability to harvest body grafts from the beard, chest, underarms,, etc using customised equipment and finesse has highlighted our centre as one of the foremost in the world performing huge BHT mega sessions. If you are a type 5/6 pattern, we can help you.


Since the most important factor after a successful hair transplant is the cleanliness of the environment you will recover in immediately after the procedure Dr Thind chose to set up his practice in Posh Locality of Amritsar, India. Following your hair transplant the grafts are exposed to the air which in many Indian cities is full of contaminants.