Hair Transplant (FUE Method)

Follicular unit extraction (FUE, also known as the FOX Procedure) is the recent and widely discussed surgical procedures for hair restoration. The FU is identified anatomically as a small bundle consisting of 1 to 4 hair follicles, full-thickness as well as fine hairs, and the oil glands, muscles and connecting tissue that accompany and support hair follicles. These little groupings of hairs are called follicular units (FUs). The identification of FUs is done by the hair restoration specialist using a microscope/ loop. The identification, harvesting and transplanting of FUs requires the training and skill of a specialist. A recent development in surgical hair transplant surgery is to specifically use the FUs for transplantation. FUE is performed by using a punch-like “circular scalpel” to score the skin and mid-dermis to a level of about 2 millimeters around a follicular unit, then gently extracting the FU from within the scored circle. Single follicular units are often used to fill in a hairline, multiple FUs to provide greater density in the centre of the scalp. The FUs are transplanted into the scalp by inserting them into small slits incised into the skin and underlying tissue with a small blade or needle.

PRP Therapy for hair loss

The PRP therapy is gaining in popularity as single supportive treatment option for many indications. Autologous PRP contains different growth factors and other cytokines which may elicit gathering of stem cells around the damaged region stimulating cellular proliferation and tissue regeneration.

Moustache Reconstruction

Hairs are extracted from different parts of body or back of head and transplanted into bare area of upper lip region.
Hair is harvested from back of head and transplanted into upper lip.
L-shaped scalp flap based on parietal branch of superficial temporal artery to cover area of moustache.

Beard Reconstruction

Eyebrow Reconstruction

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss